A journey to love

Our Mission

We're creating a platform that brings together a community of dreamers choosing to fill today with love. In doing so, we believe that we can inspire one another to overflow goodness into the world - increasing our own happiness and generating positive change in the world around us.


A crucial piece to living a Blue Marble Day is a healthy mind-body connection. Movement, and yoga specifically, is an incredibly powerful tool to clear space for more love to enter in. During COVID-19 we are offering daily classes on ZOOM. All classes are being offered on donation bases (recommended around $20)


Through our 8-week intensive program, you will join forces with other incredible humans as we explore a series of topics and tools intended to equip you to realize your dreams and become a warrior for love in the world. 


The heartbeat of Blue Marble is creating impactful media that inspires action. Our media crosses a range of platforms from video, to podcasting, to writing - leveraging storytelling to promote a love-centered life and challenge you to consider new perspectives. 

Support the Mission

Blue Marble is a community movement inspiring love in action through impactful media and creative events.