About The Film

Following a set of traumatic experiences - best friends, Fletcher Barnes and Henry Davis, drop out of college in search of meaning. After months of adventure, they find themselves living with a traveling love wizard in a bizarre Los Angeles home. Inspired by his story and determined to dig deeper - they team up and head to Africa to discover how “love” is perceived in the world today.  

Along the way, the three friends find themselves performing in the streets of NYC, dancing in a Ugandan slum, escaping a prostitute den in Ethiopia, hugging strangers in the streets of Nairobi, and more. These experiences, emphasized by insights from world-renowned experts, surface a range of topics related to our universal search for love.

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love in action

In this polarized world,

how can we bind together?


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Behind the Scenes


How did Blue Marble Sky come to be?

Blue Marble Sky is the output of a three-year journey -- searching for meaning and hope. When Henry and Fletcher met Augie ("the wizard") in February of 2018, they felt called to create a film centered on the broader idea of love. What does this word mean? Why does it even matter? How is it perceived in different areas of the world? Joining forces with McKenzie elevated the project to new heights, evolving it into a feature length documentary. The breadth and depth of the subject matter challenged us to discover fresh ways to communicate the age-old topic of love. While Fletch and Henry worked to finish college - McKenzie slept on a futon in the editing room, known as “The Love Lab”. Sleepless nights, fueled by Insomnia Cookies, became a regularity as we debated each line in the film. We have committed thousands of hours with no compensation to the creation of Blue Marble Sky because of a belief that this film will transform one other person the way it has us.

Why are you releasing it on YouTube?

We believe everyone deserves equal access to the message of love that exists inside this film. We decided to post it to YouTube after one of Fletcher's friends took his own life in May 2019. At this point, we knew that the problems at hand were too urgent for us to go through the lengthy process of selling the project. Our hope for the release is to see love go viral, and we believe YouTube is the right platform to empower this reality.

Why did you not submit to film festivals?

We didn't make this film to win a prize; we made it because we believe people need to hear the message inside. We decided early on to take an unorthodox approach to our distribution. Instead of waiting for film festivals - we hosted four screenings in different cities and created unique experiences for people to come together and watch. With overwhelmingly positive responses - we set our sights on releasing publicly and trusting the power of word of mouth to draw eyes.

What are your hopes for the film moving forward?

We believe that this film can help spark a movement amongst the next-generation - inspiring millions to put their love to action. We hope to use this film as a tool to bring people together and generate healthy dialogue around the topic of love. Our plan to do this is through an educational speaking tour - screening the film at universities, libraries, museums, etc. Additionally, we are in the process of launching a podcast ("Blue Marble Day") and an online course to help carry the dialogue forward.