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Jaci Strese

Henry Davis

Fletcher Barnes

McKenzie Beeby

Our Story

Blue Marble began when best friends, Fletcher Barnes and Henry Davis, left college in search of meaning. While in the car, they heard the story of a man diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and told his time was coming to an end - with around 180 days left. After receiving this diagnosis, the man stared death in the face, and what he found beneath this initial shock was a crippling sense of regret. See, this man had a lot of dreams and plans for what he wanted to do later in life. But at this moment, he realized that he’d spent the majority of his life drifting through his days, without truly appreciating the moments as they passed by. With no other choice, the man decided it was time to drastically change the way he was living -- to search for meaning and fulfillment in his short time left.

So to his wife’s surprise, the man left the doctor’s office and headed straight to the local antique shop where he bought himself a jar and a bag of blue marbles. The marbles served as a memory of his childhood, the time he felt alive and connected to the world around him. The blue represented the earth, a symbol of unity and gratitude for the beauty of the world we all experience. Each blue marble represented a day -- a day where this man truly appreciated what it means to be alive. With this perspective -- every day became a new adventure, every breath a blessing, every stranger a friend. No longer was the man concerned with where he was, what he was doing, or even who was around. In these final days, he had fallen in love with life. 

Eventually, cancer caught up, and the man passed. While grieving her husband’s death, the man’s wife couldn’t help but feel grateful as she stared at his jar - filled with blue marbles. 

This story uniquely touched us, shifting the lens through which we were viewing our life. After spending years drifting in whatever direction the people around us said to go - we decided it was time to make a change. The next two years became one epic adventure: filling our jars based on the people, places, and things that surround us. Eventually, this still left us desiring more, and we began asking how do we live these days - no matter the circumstances that life sends us?

Blue Marble is the evolution of a three-year journey - digging and diving into different tools/strategies/ideas that revolve around living a day that truly matters. This project is the collective effort of many beautiful humans - all offering a piece of themselves to bring this to life. We hope this project will aid you on your journey, and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being here.

Fletch and Henry